Game to Grow is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to the use of games of all kinds for therapeutic, educational, and community growth.  Our therapeutic gaming groups help participants become more confident, creative, and socially capable through the intentional facilitation of customized, collaborative gaming experiences. We're most well known for our use of tabletop role-playing games like Dungeons and Dragons. Many of the kids and teens in our groups struggle with social challenges related to autism, ADHD, anxiety, or depression, and the groups help them build social skills, reduce isolation, and develop friendships. We also provide training, consultation, and support to other therapeutic and gaming professionals, educators, parents, and advocates, so that even more individuals can benefit from the life-enriching power of games.

[My son] LOVED his session today, he came out telling us about all the teamwork things they did. (He couldn't remember anyone's names, but said they were a good group.) Thanks, I haven't seen him this engaged in months despite some socially distanced playdates!  


- Game to Grow Parent

2020 has been quite a year!

When we celebrated at the end of last year, we shared how we nearly doubled our positive impact over the year, and set goals to do so again in 2020. 

Thanks to support from donors like you, Game to Grow has MORE THAN DOUBLED our positive impact in 2020. 

In 2020 we built on previous success:

  • We now provide game-based group services to 130 individuals each week. That's an increase of 85% from 2019!
  • We now offer services for youth and adults to benefit from game-based services.
  • We responded to the demands of COVID-19 and expanded services worldwide, offering virtual services to participants across America and in 5 other countries!
  • We hired and trained three new facilitators.
  • We presented at virtual conferences to hundreds of attendees worldwide
  • We've continued refining and improving on Critical Core, the therapeutic role-playing game starter set that reached 509% of its fundraising goal on Kickstarter. Responses to beta-testing have been fantastic.

In 2020 we also embarked on new initiatives:

  • We launched a training program in the Game to Grow method of therapeutically applied role-playing games to spread the modality around the world. We've already trained over 100 individuals, and the webinars we've hosted have been viewed by hundreds more. The potential benefit of our training program is already in the thousands.
  • We created an individual counseling program to provide direct therapeutic services to clients in need.
  • We partnered with Foundry10 to conduct research on the impact of our methods, and provide no-cost services to the families in the research groups.

This is just the beginning!

In 2021, we plan to continue our expansion of programming around the world, providing direct services to hundreds of individuals worldwide. We will build on our training program to train and certify hundreds of professionals in the Game to Grow Method to indirectly help thousands of people in their own communities. Critical Core will be available for purchase worldwide in both digital and physical kits, with hundreds being donated to locations in need. 

But that's not all. We are developing programs focusing on the use of games to help veterans and first-responders with PTSD, and to provide support services to hospitalized youth.

Help us make this possible.  

Your support is critical. With your donations even more individuals can receive the support they need, either in our direct services, or through our training and outreach programs.  

Please make a donation today!

“I’m not sure what I would have done had we not found you. The counseling that has come from it, the connection and a place for [my son] to find some direction. When a parent is trying everything under the sun for their kid, with little success, finding a place that feels like “home” is life changing. I know [my son] still has a long way to go, but I’ve let go of the daily worry.”

-A Game to Grow Parent


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